My 2 Month Commit Streak so far (What I learned)

My 2 Month Commit Streak so far (What I learned)

I just finished a 60-day, or 2 month commit streak. Here's a summary of how I did this and what I learned so far in the last 60 days.


The Story

I started this blog only a week ago, but I had already bought this domain back in November, I know I wanted something to keep me accountable and share my journey into the development world, and I always loved to run little projects and sites even before I started coding so I figured it would be the ideal way of doing that. 2 days after I bought the domain, I started the instagram account, to test the waters of my new pet project.

Despite the fact that the Instagram dev community is already a little bit saturated with these types of accounts, it seemed very welcoming and an ideal fit for me since I don't use Twitter. So I started posting there and there was nice good support from fellow devs which definitely kept me going on some days. A few weeks later I found hashnode and it instantly clicked as the perfect solution for my domain (initially I thought about creating a blog from scratch and hosting it on a VPS I had).

Keeping me accountable.

So the moral of the story here is, have something to keep you accountable and which you can measure, in this case, I thought, having to commit every day, on my github (meaning no 0 days) represented for me that I was working towards my goal every day, no matter how little time, even if it was just a single pomodoro or coding exercise, it was also something very easy to track. By investing my time and money, into buying the domain, and starting the instagram account and later this blog, I subconsciously increased my likelihood of doing something towards it, to not break the chain, and to keep sharing my journey.

What I Learned

In the 2 months since I commited heh to this I have learned:

What I Did

  • 204 commits across 8 repositories
  • A Simple 2D Roguelike game in Java
  • A Weather App using Google Maps API and OpenWeatherMap API in Javascript
  • Solved 31 problems on LeetCode to practice my problem solving and algorithm skills
    • 25 in Java, 3 in Javascript, 1 in SQL
  • A project in Java using a Test Driven Development methodology, simulating a bank internal operations on a user account, using simple menus for actions and console to display information.
  • Not entirely coding related but I tidied up my linkedin profile, and all of my github READMEs and repositories to make it presentable, and also participated in a QA session with various consulting firms who are hiring in my country.

Don't break the chain

My commitment, as days go on, also grows stronger, but trust me, there were a lot of days where I felt really unproductive and lazy, but I still managed to at least squeeze in a couple of LeetCode exercises or practiced a few concepts. And this is where part of the commitment comes from, not wanting to break the chain.

What the future holds

I intend on keeping this as long as I can. It is a testament to myself of what I can do when I set my mind to something and I look forward to the challenges ahead!

As for the next days, I will be spending Christmas alone due to various circumstances and restrictions due to the pandemic, and I intend on using this time working towards my goal, I already did my part today, I'm proud of what I achieved so far but I know much more awaits me in this neverending learning journey. But tonight, I will have some relaxing time! Merry Christmas! 🎅

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