My 3 Month Coding Streak

My 3 Month Coding Streak

Seems like it was yesterday that I posted about my 2-month commit streak, well here's the recap of 1 more month of committing everyday!

Recap of the 3rd Month:

  • Started to learn ReactJS and TailwindCSS , and created a simple ToDo List to apply both , also working on a CV App in React where you can create your own CV and export to PDF (I'm still finishing the PDF export part) ezgif-7-b42308c577d1.gif
  • Published a TailwindCSS component
  • Started to implement a basic Javascript Blockchain based on Savjee youtube series, to allow me to gain knowledge of the inner workings of blockchains and validation methods they use.
  • Learned Agile Methodologies and started to apply them on a group project
  • Studied Project Requirements using State Diagrams, Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams and Class Diagrams which you can see below for the group project I'm working on in Java DiagramaDeClasses.png

How I keep consistent:

  • No 0 days, in my worst day, I'll do a single simple commit or 1 coding challenge on LeetCode or something similar, just to program myself to code everyday no matter how little time I have.
  • Having this site to share my journey and an instagram page keeps me accountable
  • Have a plan for everything, know your next step, schedule your week/day in advance and know what you will be working on during that period.
  • Have a deep desire of learning and progressing professionally into this new career

Thanks for reading this far! Can't wait to check back when I hit 100days!

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