State of CSS 2020

State of CSS 2020

It's been a couple of weeks since the State of CSS 2020 survey results have been announced, but for those like me who missed it at the time, here's a reminder.

State of CSS is a survey with data from 10K+ CSS professionals and hobbyists, which give us a look into developer satisfaction, popular CSS features, and trends, and what frameworks are in right now, and how developers feel about them. Among many other things. It's very useful data if you are looking to expand your CSS knowledge, to know where to start and what to possibly avoid.

Regarding technologies, sass takes the lead in overall adoption and satisfaction, but we can also see a clear trend of Tailwind CSS emerging as a very popular framework, and Bootstrap falling out of grace.



As for resources where people normally look up css related content. CSS-Tricks is by far the most popular website. blogs_news_magazines.png

Head over to State of CSS to check the full results, and reminder that State of JS survey results should be announced soon as well

Are there any CSS framework or particular thing that you are eager to learn or use in 2021? I personally look forward to use tailwind.

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