Tips on Learning through Projects

👨‍💻 Of all the ways to learn programming, learning through projects has been by far the most efficient way to learn for me. You are forced to put all the concepts you learned into practice and really cement these in your head. ⠀ I'm still at the start of my journey but as someone who is looking to continuously learn and learn better, I found these things really helped make it a more productive experience for me, these might be useful for you, or not, just apply critical thinking when applying them to your situation. ⠀

🔝 Here are the 5 tips that helped me most:

  • 📈 Increment difficulty, do projects which build upon the previous one concepts, this way you really cement your knowledge and routines in your head and avoid your skill plateauing. ⠀
  • 🚮 Don't be afraid to ditch them, if you find yourself stuck in a project for weeks, just skip to the next one, to avoid stalling your progress. And probably later on with a clear head and more knowledge you can revisit them and solve them much more easily ⠀
  • 💩 Do "bad" projects, if you're a perfectionist like me, you're always looking for the most efficient way to implement an algorithm, the most future-proof or "best" way to code something, but don't be afraid to finish "average" projects once in a while, it will get you moving along the road, and remember, you are doing these for practice, they don't need to be perfect. ⠀
  • ✨ Curate your projects for your portfolio, pick the best ones, preferably you want to have a neat GitHub repository for them with a proper readme, well-formatted and documented code, but most importantly, have a presentable UI, remember how a non-technical person (think recruiters) would evaluate these. ⠀
  • ✍ Write ideas down, if you have good ideas for a project but you don't have the knowledge or resources to do them yet, write it down and revisit them later down the road with more experience, and you may get something really good out of it!

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